Intellectual Property Update

Intellectual Property Update

SolarWind’s CEO, Robert S. Anselmo, has spent the past year and a half preparing the core Intellectual Property, and recently filed with the United States Patent Office, a U.S. Provisional, as well a formal Non-Provisional Utility Patent(s) application.

“SolarWind’s Terra Systems product line (patent(s) pending) is a series of products and systems that are targeted towards specific needs in the military and disaster relief applications where electricity power generation and portability are the paramount concerns. These systems integrate the two different sources of natural energy, i.e., the sun and wind, into a smooth continuous generation of electricity, not only 24/7, but also 24/7/52™.

Designed for portability, SolarWind’s Terra Systems can be delivered anywhere in the world by air transport, such as C-130 cargo planes or helicopter and set up generating usable electricity within the structure within a few hours.”

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