SolarWind Seeks Funding for it’s Terra Systems Product Line

SolarWind Seeks Funding for it’s Terra Systems Product Line

“SolarWind, Corporation, Chatsworth, California, a privately-held company in the clean & natural generation of continuous electricity combined from different solar and wind sources, is actively seeking investment opportunities in the form of joint ventures or equity funding for the development of SolarWind’s Terra Systems product line”, said officials at SolarWind.

“SolarWind’s Terra Systems product line (patent(s) pending) is a series of products and systems that are targeted towards specific needs in the military and disaster relief applications where electricity power generation and portability are the paramount concerns. These systems integrate the two different sources of natural energy, i.e., the sun and wind, into a smooth continuous generation of electricity, not only 24/7, but also 24/7/52™. Designed for portability, SolarWind’s Terra Systems and can be delivered anywhere in the world by air transport, such as C-130 cargo planes or helicopter and set up generating electricity within a few hours”.


“When a disaster strikes the prompt need for electricity to be restored quickly is a paramount concern. Electricity we normally take for granted becomes critical in a disaster as normal electrical delivery systems may be down for days or weeks. Electricity is needed by hospitals, support facilities such as, food preparation, medical attention, the operation of computers, sanitation, etc. Americans requiring disaster relief need systems to be operation ASAP as the recent statewide devastation from Hurricane Katrina illustrates. Even foreign countries in need of relief efforts from disasters, such as, earthquakes, fire, famine, war, etc. need the prompt delivery of systems that can produce electricity.

SolarWind’s Terra Systems being portable can provide electricity quickly, and economically for local, on-site operations when time is of the essence. No need to wait for fuel to be trucked or shipped in to provide generator electrical power”, said Robert S. Anselmo, Founder, CEO.


“SolarWind’s Terra Systems also have military applications for systems that would supply electricity to present needs for on-site electricity generation as well as for the future battlefield’s need for electricity for robotic devices and systems, electronic command and surveillance systems, various support services, etc.”, said Robert S. Anselmo, Anselmo, added.

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