Intellectual Property Update

Intellectual Property Update

SOLARWIND SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGIES’ Founder, Inventor and CEO, Robert S. Anselmo, announced that “The United States Patent Office has awarded him the patent on the technology that integrates both solar and wind technologies into a single hybrid system capable of producing clean electricity.”

The patent has been assigned to the company he founded.

The patent application is related to a new form of producing clean natural energy 24/7 through the design and integration of hybrid systems that combine solar technologies with wind technologies. This approach provides a better, more efficient family of systems and products applicable to a variety of global market applications, with one common theme… the generation of continuous clean electricity.

“The problem and weakness in present systems that use solar-only technologies to generate clean electricity from natural sources, is limited to the partial day light hours, about 1/3rd of a clear day, and the facility is idle the other 2/3rds of each 24 hour period when the sunlight is diminished or when it is dark.

Conversely, systems that use wind turbine technologies to generate natural electricity, are operational 24 hours a day, but they use wind, a source of power that is erratic and unreliable, to turn the turbine blades. Wind currents are gusty, blustery, strong one minute, weak the next or there are even calm periods of little-to-no wind. Wind-only systems, such as those used by the giant three-bladed propellers wind farms, only generate electricity when the wind is strong enough to turn the massive 300-foot propellers. Further, those systems are very costly to locate, build, transport, install and to maintain”, Anselmo continued.

“SolarWind’s solutions to these problems are systems that integrate these two different sources of natural energy into a smooth continuous flow of electricity, not only 24/7, but also 24/7/52™!” he added.

SolarWind’s products are solutions targeted to the domestic and international needs in the Commercial, Military, Industrial, and Government applications and markets with either permanent, temporary, transportable and mobile applications.

“Now that the patent is in the process of being issued, SolarWind, Corporation is seeking the next round of financing” said Chuck White, SolarWind’s CFO/COO.

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